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What readers are saying ...

Margaret’s books are always such exciting page-turners. I love them all; they get straight to the point and keep you reading.

– Sheila, Dyfed, Wales

I am an avid reader of Margaret Blake’s books and enjoyed them all, with The Substitute Bride being my favourite. Her eye for detail is remarkable.

– Teresa, Fleetwood, England

The Substitute Bride is a riveting historical romance. Margaret Blake gets all the details right for the time period – the clothes – the customs, even what you grow in a herb garden.

– Kathy, Tampa, Florida

Margaret Blake has captured the area so well I felt I was actually inside the book and living in that place.

– Kaye, New Zealand

Margaret Blake delivers a spellbinding read. (A Poisoned Legacy)

– Loren, Nelson, NZ

A Poisoned Legacy is an exciting story with amazing details. Margaret Blake’s realistic development of characters make you forget you are not there with them, you will hang on to the edge of your seat. Fantastic read.

– Alyce, Tampa, Florida

The characters were very real. Why are we attracted to the ‘bad boys’ like Jesse? I loved Belinda, such a strong and brave woman. I also feel I know Florida a lot better.

– Judith, Sydney, Australia (A Poisoned Legacy)

I could not put this book down!

– Sandie, Cornwall, England (Breaking the Clouds)

As always with Margaret Blakes’ ¬†books I could not put this book down. I really enjoyed reading it because from beginning to end you did not know which way the story was going to go. So many twists and turns.

– Mary, Manchester, England (Breaking the Clouds)

I am off to New Zealand to look for a job – Tepi, he can save me anytime! I just loved the vivid descriptions of the country and the characters.

– Judy, Australia (Breaking the Clouds)