Here you will find a wealth of reviews from websites dedicated to those who enjoy romantic literature. It is great to know that readers are enjoying my books – and I hope you find this feedback useful. Please feel free to leave comments or open discussions about the books on this website.

The Flower GirlsThe Flower Girls

Mystery, suspects aplenty, secrets, adultery, murder, passion and love intertwine to give readers a captivating read. Ms. Blake’s skillful prose puts readers right into the midst of her story and I, for one, am interested in seeing what she comes up with next. Pick up a copy of  The Flower Girls and discover the wonderfully entertaining works of author Margaret Blake for yourself!

4.5 Blue Ribbons Reviewed by Dottie at Romance Junkies

Well written story with an unexpected twist. I enjoyed it.

**** 4 Stars Reviewed by Maggi Andersen at Amazon

After receiving a plea for help from her sister Jasmine, Poppy Lord gives up her job and apartment in Florida to go her. Arriving at isolated and gloomy Heaton Grange in the UK countryside, Poppy is dismayed to find that not only is Jasmine missing, but her marriage to Seth Sanderson is over.

Recalling that Jasmine had said that Seth was cruel and uncaring, Poppy tries to fight a growing attraction to him, yet to her, Seth is caring and kind. Knowing how wilful and spoiled her younger sister could be, Poppy realises that Seth was not to blame for the marriage breakup. Then Jasmine’s body is found and her death wasn’t accidental. Poppy sets out on a dangerous path to find her sister’s murderer. As always with Margaret Blake’s novels, The Flower Girls has a twist in its tail.

**** 4 Stars Reviewed by Juliet Parnell at Amazon

Hopelessly Devoted book coverHopelessly Devoted

This was such a lovely book! I started it expecting just the usual nice, light romantic fiction but it was so, so much more. The characters and story had so much more depth than I ever could have imagined and this touching story is just one that I simply did not want to end. This was one of the best books I’ve read this year.

The combination of drama, mystery, and romance was absolutely amazing and I highly, highly recommend this. I also look forward to future releases from the author.

***** 5 stars Reviewed by Beth at

I enjoyed this book very much, it is the first book I have read by this author and will definitely be reading some more. It has some murder, mystery, suspense, and romance within the book, which all ties in really nicely. Mainly set in New Zealand ,a really good book.

*****5 stars Reviewed by Michelle Cooper at Read more reviews at

When Bronwen and Jack move to New Zealand, Bronwen is delighted with the change and the beauty of the new country, but Jack hates it and misses his life back home. The marriage is put under immense strain and Jack disappears with all the money from their joint account, leaving Bronwen distraught as she is sure he has left her for another woman. Bronwen has to learn to start again from scratch and to work out who she can trust, why her husband has left, and where he has gone. I really enjoyed the mystery element to this moving romance. A very enjoyable read.

****4 stars Reviewed by HCM at

Under a Grecian Moon by Margaret BlakeUnder a Grecian Moon

Not having seen Lander Drakos, Greek millionaire, and her ex-lover, for years, Evie Johnson is stunned to see him at her brother’s funeral. She finds his hostile reaction to her hard to fathom as it was he who let her down and married her best friend. The friend who was killed in the same accident as Evie’s brother.

All her instincts warn her to run, instead she allows herself to be persuaded to fall in with Lander’s plans to help bring up his seven-year-old daughter, Helena. As lie after lie is revealed and sinister happenings occur, only Evie’s feelings for Lander and Helena stop her from fleeing. When Lander seems determined to keep the partnership purely business, Evie begins to wonder if she should abandon the arrangement. A romance with the all the twists and turns we’ve come to expect from Margaret Blake’s novels.

***** 4 stars Reviewed by Juliet Parnell at

Tilly’s TrialsTilly's Trials book cover

 An emotion-packed tale, Tilly’s Trials, the latest novel by talented author Margaret Blake, is a poignant contemporary romance dealing with secrets, misunderstandings and second chances.  Once I started reading this story, I became so absorbed in it that I found myself reading late into the night to see how it would turn out.  I highly recommend this wonderful story and look forward to reading more of Ms. Blake’s works!

Blue Ribbon review by: Dottie at Romance Junkies. Read full review 

Hurt and bewildered at her father leaving the management of Tilly Teas, a chain of successful tea shops, to her ex-husband, Marsh Masterson, Tilly resolved not to stagnate in bitterness and take up the challenge of working alongside him. But after Marsh’s betrayal of their marriage, he’s not Tilly’s top pick for the man she’d most like to be stranded with on a desert island. Gradually, Tilly comes to realise that she was as much to blame as Marsh for the breakup and gathers the courage to address the intimacy problem that caused the rift, only to discover that he’s seeing another woman. Will Tilly’s heart be broken once again. You’ll find yourself rapidly turning the pages to find the answer.

***** 4 stars Reviewed by Juliet Parnell at Amazon. Read review on Amazon >

The Longest Pleasure book coverThe Longest Pleasure

The Longest Pleasure is a heart-thumping romantic suspense with intriguing characters and a plot that keeps you engaged until the very last page. Margaret Blake’s heroine Viola is on the run trying to create a safe world for herself. She is brave, engaging and the atmosphere the author creates keeps you aware there is an ever-present danger. We trust her and know she will triumph, but the journey is such fun. A pleasure to read.

***** 5 stars Reviewed by Kathleen O’connor at Amazon. Read full review >

Margaret Blake has woven another tale combining her perfect blend of suspense, romance, danger and murder and one certain to have the reader turning pages to see what will happen next. Highly recommended. Another winner.

***** 5 stars Reviewed by John R. Lindermuth at Amazon.  Read full review >

Stalked by a violent ex-lover intent on acquiring ownership of her family home, Viola Dean turns to private Detective, Jed Lowe, for protection. The bedclothes practically sizzle as their attraction for one another grows. Trouble is, Jed’s family are taken in by plausible Vic Burgess, the man who so horribly abused Viola; they’re convinced Viola is a vindictive liar set on stirring up trouble. An edge of the seat thriller, expect the unexpected in Margaret Blake’s The Longest Pleasure.

***** 5 stars Reviewed by Juliet Parnell at Amazon. Read full review >

A thrilling tale, The Longest Pleasure, an exciting romantic suspense by gifted author Margaret Blake, will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat and eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next. Brimming with emotions, danger, murder, deceit, steamy situations and romance, this is a story that you will still be thinking about long after the last page is read. I highly recommend The Longest Pleasure and look forward to reading more of Ms. Blake’s works. Do not miss it!

Reviewed by Dottie at Romance Junkies.  Read full review >

A Sprig of Broom book coverA Sprig of Broom

One of the very best in that genre!!! One more time Margaret Blake delivers a powerful tale full of danger at every corner. Margaret Blake creates captivating characters. She has become an expert at mixing fiction with history, each time craftily balanced. This book is an action-packed plot full of twists and turns. What a wonderful book.

Awarded 5 stars  Reviewed by reader AC, Read full review >

This is a really enjoyable read from Margaret Blake. I liked this book because there was no way you could predict how the storyline would play out. It’s got some great plot twists and I did like the stories heroine Cecily. This book really keeps you entertained, if you like history and romance this book is the perfect read for you.

Reviewed by Nikki Bywater, Books 4U. Read full review >

A Fatal Flaw

When browsing through her dead mother’s diary, Kerensa Mawgan is stunned to read that she has confessed to killing Kerensa’s father. Unsure whether the admission is true or simply a work of fiction her mother may have intended turning into a novel, Kerensa, determined to unearth the truth, travels to Florida where the murder supposedly took place.  Ned Rochester, a local cop, and a man she finds herself drawn to – far more than she cares to admit – takes her under his wing. Despite his help and counsel, Kerensa finds herself in mortal danger as the entries in her mother’s diary appear to be more fact than fiction. A good flowing plot that keeps you on edge and hooked to the end.

 ***** 5 stars  Reader review, Judith Parnell on Read full review >

The suspense and romance just keeps building up and keeps the reader on the edge of his seat. Will the real Jason Campbell stand up if he is alive, or is there even such a person? Who lied and who’s telling the truth? This is not the first book I have read of Margaret Blake’s, and she has a way of drawing the reader in and getting them attuned with the characters as she brings them to life.

 ***** 5 stars  Reader review, Read full review >

There’s enough suspense and romance to please readers of either genre, and Blake’s engaging characters and intriguing plot are sure to send you in search of her other titles.

 **** 4 stars  Reviewd by JR, Read full review >

Throughout the book Ms. Blake weaves a sweet love story with the suspense even though it’s probably doomed from the start. I like this author’s style. It seems like she’s writing about real people in situations that could happen. Scenarios come alive as do the people with her use of dialogue and situations that help us know them better. This is well worth reading.

Awarded 4 hearts  Dee Dailey,

A Fatal Flaw reached out and grabbed me from the first page and kept me interested with its twists and turns. Suspense is the name of the game in this mystery and this tale is fraught with unanswered questions and possibilities. Applause goes to Margaret Blake on creating a story with interesting characters and an enthralling plot.

Angel Brewer , Romance Junkies Reviews. Read full review >

A Saxon Tapestry book coverA Saxon Tapestry

A Saxon Tapestry is filled with suspense, romance, intrigue and jealousy. This book is a delightful read. It quickly captivated me. There are lots of twists and turns to keep the reader eagerly turning pages. This is a romance you will not want to miss.

***** 5 stars rating  Reviewed for Read full review >

The intrigues, subterfuge, scheming, and conflicts that keep Alfled on the estate make A Saxon Tapestry spellbinding. The twists and turns in the plot tantalize. The story is filled with cruelty, jealousy, and continual battles that Rolf in pulled back into, making lives dark with misery with only rare times of light, carefree, normal living.  Margaret Blake’s captivating style of writing takes your breath away at times. While she shows the horrors of war, she also slips in a wonderful love story that reaffirms the resilience of people to overcome hardships and build a life with hope for the future.

Awarded four books  Camillia, Long and Short Reviews.  Read full review >

Dangerous Enchantment book coverDangerous Enchantment

Kate knows she is dicing with danger. If the Lancastrian Lord who has been granted the house and land of her deceased husband, discovers the truth of her “stepson’s birth, both their lives will be forfeit. A romantic historical suspense of love and intrigue set in the turbulent 1480’s. Margaret Blake’s captivating characters and her descriptions along with a plot that keeps the reader’s rapt attention make Dangerous Enchantment good reading.

Awarded four books by Camillia, Long and Short Reviews.  Read full review >

Shadows of the Past book coverShadows of the Past

Page Turner! Margaret Blake’s page-turning thriller/mystery, Shadows of the Past, builds to a nail biting finale. Definitely recommended as a highly entertaining read.

***** Amazon Review by Rosa La Cruz

A Cracking Good Read The sexual tension alone between Alva and Luca keep the reader turning pages. Add to that the startling revelation – the delicious twist in the tail – and you’ll be on edge and wondering to the last page.

***** Amazon Review by Juliet Parnell

Shadows of the Past is one wild ride, let me tell you. Ms. Blake tells the story of one woman trying to survive in a world that she cannot remember and the husband who will not believe her. The suspense is so thrilling that I could not put this book down. Not to mention that the ending is so shocking, it will have you rereading the last few pages just to make sure you read them right. You do not want to miss this outstanding novel that has you questioning who Alva can trust.

Awarded five coffee cups  by Danielle, Coffee Time Romance & More. Read full review >

This is a classy romance suspense about a woman who has lost her memory. This book has a surprising ending and is a page-turner.

Awarded 4.5 red roses by Morna,  Read full review >

I was intrigued from the first page of Margaret Blake’s Shadows of the Past. There are so many suspenseful elements to the story, that I was compelled to keep turning the pages. Margaret Blake tells a story filled with raw emotion that shows that even when most vulnerable a smart woman can be a formidable adversary. And while it doesn’t give the promise of happily-ever-after, it does end in a satisfying manner. I was wholly entertained by this clever tale, and I believe others will be, too. Well done!

Awarded four red roses by Kay James, Read full review >

The mystery of Alva’s past and the underlying threat that seems to hover ever-closer mean that this is a page-turning tale and an enjoyable read.

Nik, Read full review >

Buy Shadows of the Past on >

Buy Shadows of the Past on >

Spanish Lies book coverSpanish Lies

Margaret Blake offers readers a spine-tingling mystery. It is so obvious that Ginny and Luis have never stopped loving each other, but both have strong pride. Isabella was fun to dislike. Blake kept me on the edge of my seat as I eagerly turned the pages anticipating what would happen next.

***** 5 Star rating by Debra Gaynor at

A Poisoned Legacy book coverA Poisoned Legacy

5 Blue Ribbon rating

A Poisoned Legacy is a must read! Ms. Blake had me from page one and I could not put the book down. It’s full of mystery, secrets, and sibling rivalry that will put most family squabbles to shame. And perfectly blended in, is an unforgettable love story. I highly recommend A Poisoned Legacy.

5 Blue Ribbon rating from Kimberley. Read the full review >

If you like romantic suspense, you will absolutely love Margaret Blake’s A Poisoned Legacy. Liberally spiced with breathtaking intrigue, powerful romance, gripping drama and wonderful characterization, A Poisoned Legacy is a dazzling tale of secrets, deception and tension, readers will not be able to resist!

Reviewed by Julie Bonello at Read full review >

The Substitute Bride book coverThe Substitute Bride

Margaret Blake has written a well crafted story of fifteenth century lovers thrown together by deceit who seem to weave a relationship against all odds.

5 hearts rating Reviewed by Dee Dailey at The Romance Studio

5 Blue Ribbon ratingMargaret Blake’s novel The Substitute Bride brings a unique flair to historical storylines that readers will relish. Bess and Edward don’t exactly seem like an ideal couple at first but it soon becomes obvious that they balance each other out perfectly. Bess’s naivety and inner strength in the face of Edward’s stringent attitude provide plenty of memorable scenes to keep you immersed in the story. I really empathized with Bess as she agonized over what Edward’s reaction would be if he ever found out about the deception. Now if you’re wondering about Beth’s sister’s real story, well, you’ll just have to pick up a copy to find out the story behind her ‘fear’ of marriage.

Awarded 5 blue ribbons by Chrissy Dionne. Read the full review >

The Substitute Bride has an exquisite plot. I could not put this story down. I stayed up and savored every word. The characters came to life on the pages. Bess was naïve, yet intelligent, beautiful, and kind. Edward was a contradiction – cold and harsh, yet warm and loving. The intimate scenes were enticing without being crude. Fans of romance will not want to miss The Substitute Bride.

***** 5 star rating by Anne Boling at

His Other Wife book coverHis Other Wife

What first struck me about this story is the story line itself. It was refreshingly unique and very pleasant to read. It is a true blue romance, but unlike any that you have ever read before! Margaret Blake does a wonderful job with her characters. They are easy to fall in love with. The romance between Roxie and Saul is exhilarating to read about, but it is the story as to how they came to meet that was my favorite. Imagine finding out that your husband had a secret that he kept all this time. I don’t think I could bear it, but it sure was fun to read about it! I would recommend this story to any romance lovers out there. This will definitely be a memorable read!

Reviewed by Ashley Merrill at Front Street Reviews

Ms. Blake does an excellent job building her characters. Roxie is such an interesting blend of insecurity in her personal life as opposed to her sense of security and fair play in her job. Saul has had to be strong from the time he was very young but, like Roxie, he adapted through rejection and some of the insults dished out. The difficulty he and Roxie have in the communication department is much like that of any two people who have to learn to talk about their feelings. Though neither acknowledge it they’re much more alike than different. This is a well crafted romance with a little suspense thrown in that make it a great read.

5 hearts rating Reviewed by Dee Dailey at The Romace Studio

Talented author Margaret Blake tells an interesting tale of two people from diverse backgrounds trying to work out their problems. There are secrets on all sides and an ex wife who has designs on Saul added to the mix.  A tale with warmth, laughter and shared pain that the reader will definitely experience. You will enjoy meeting the complex, very real characters.  This is a romance that rises above the usual plot. For the reader who likes a little spice in their reading, the love scenes seem to be belong in the story, something that often isn’t the case.  I’m pleased to recommend this tale to any romance fan. Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards Mystery

I enjoyed HIS OTHER WIFE. The characters felt real to me. I loved Saul and the way he kept after the prickly Roxie. Josh was the perfect child¡ªa little man looking out for his mother yet yearning for the guidance and presence of a man. Roxie’s defensiveness felt true to me, with self-doubt and insecurities from her unstable childhood popping up at the worst times. Roxie’s secret surprised me. Good job Ms. Blake!

3.5 Blue Ribbons  Kris Jones at Romance Junkies Read full review >

Breaking the Clouds book coverBreaking the Clouds

Breaking the Clouds is a captivating tale, set in a beautiful part of the world, that is full of nail-biting intrigue, riveting dramatic scenarios and heartwarming romance. Margaret Blake draws her readers in from the very first page and keeps them engrossed until the very end!  Breaking the Clouds is an engaging and engrossing romantic mystery from the talented Margaret Blake!

Julie Bonello at Read full review >

Breaking the Clouds has an interesting mystery aspect to the story, along with a slow-building but emotional romance. Margaret Blake captures the beauty of New Zealand along with taking her characters on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and questions.

Sarah W at Romance Junkies. Read full review >

Margaret Blake’s suspenseful romance, Breaking the Clouds, is a wonderfully good, solid story. Told slowly, with the emphasis on interpersonal relationships, it feels like a sneak peek into a neighbor’s life. It just feels real, like something that’s happening to someone any reader would know. Yes, there’s a murder mystery, but it’s not so gruesome that it seems like a headline.   A delightful way to pass a long afternoon, Breaking the Clouds is a highly satisfying read.

Kay James – Read full review >

There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader busy until the end. This is an exciting mystery romance. Very enjoyable and easy to read.

Four red roses review Morna. Read full review >

Beloved Deceiver by Margaret BlakeBeloved Deceiver

Ms. Blake has done an amazing job creating characters that are believable and honest in their imperfections. Her characters have big hearts that show the power, strength and depth of love and the sacrifices its willing to make. I’m giving this a four book rating. It held me captive from first chapter to last. Margaret Blake is one author to keep your eye on and Beloved Deceiver is one book that is sure to win hearts.

4 book review by Lily at the Long and Short of It. Read full review >

Wonderful heartfelt contemporary romance is what jumps into my mind when I think about Beloved Deceiver. I was drawn into the interactions between Flora and Mars as well as how they each tried to hide their feelings from the other to keep from being hurt. The author weaves a wonderful story in the genre category romance, the stories I used to read and are still popular today. Beloved Deceiver is a wonderful heartfelt story that will make you both frown and smile.

Tanya at Joyfully Reviewed. Read full review >

The witty dialogue between Marsden and Flora kept me in stiches. I really liked Beloved Deceiver. It is the first of Mrs Blake’s novels I have read but it certainly won’t be the last.

Five Angel Review – recommended read by Marlene, Fallen Angel Reviews.

With matchmaking from unexpected characters which carry the plot along, Margaret Blake’s latest has all the ingredients for a perfect romance. With a perfect daily dose of romance for romance addicts, Flora and Mars’ tale is both sweet and spicy. So romance fans pick up your copy soon.

Raakhee Suryaprakash for The Road to Romance.

Ms Blake writes an attractive story as Beloved Deceiver comes to life through its believable characters and intriguing romantic plot.

Pamela, Romance at Heart Magazine.

Beloved Deceiver is a sweet and sensual read! This is definitely a book I would recommend to readers.

Chantay, Euro Reviews.

Beloved Deceiver is a fascinating romance because it shows the progress that two people make in their relationship from being strangers to falling in love. Through ups and downs, mistakes and misunderstanding, their only hope is love.

Reviewed by Anita at Romance Junkies. Read full review >

Eden's Child book coverEden’s Child

The author uses a good deal of Aussie slang, giving the reader a real sense of place. While Nevis is too reserved early on, his character and his love for Maddy develop nicely. Peripheral characters are also deftly described and contribute well to the story line. Maddy is bright, kind, and caring. Her memory returns gradually, in small, enticing tidbits. Her only flaw? She is perhaps too forgiving. The same might be said for author Blake. The real villain gets off too easy, but the conclusion was satisfying, sensible, and a joy to read.

Reviewed by Lynn Bushey at The Romance Studio.

Eden’s Child is one non-stop read that I couldn’t put down… Ms. Blake has written an astonishing page-turner, with just the right amount of suspicion, guilt and intrigue that had this reader guessing the outcome until the last page. Colin, and the other secondary characters, are well played out in the book, as well, and kept the reader’s interest. Thrilling, exhilarating and engaging, this reader was just as curious to learn Maddy’s identity as she was. One cannot help but feel Maddy’s agony of trying to learn her past. The dialogue is superb and the plot well crafted in this extraordinary story that is a recommended read!

Five Angel Review – recommended read. Linda L at Fallen Angel Reviews.

There’s danger surrounding Maddy, and the mystery of her past only deepens as memories start to return. I won’t spoil the pleasure you’ll get from this wonderful book by revealing anything more. Trust me when I say that you’ll enjoy EDEN’S CHILD and will eagerly await Ms. Blake’s next book. I know that I’m ready for more from this talented author. Stop by Whiskey Creek Press and get your copy today.

Lori Ann at Romance Reviews Today.

Margaret Blake’s EDEN’S CHILD is one book that is sure to keep readers guessing. The contradictions between the ¡®old’ Maddie and the ¡®new’ Maddy are just too enormous to be ignored. To make the situation even more confusing she has flashes of memory of places and situations that don’t make any sense with the lifestyle or person that Nevis and his employees describe. I loved getting to know Maddy. She’s a warm caring person whom readers will love. Nevis is just as lovable but he’s been burned once by Maddy and isn’t about to trust her too easily. The mystery behind the difference in Maddy’s before and after personalities fascinated me and kept me engrossed in the pages throughout the book, but I was spellbound at how the storyline eventually turns out. It’s completely unexpected and riveting, but above all, heart-warmingly beautiful. Wonderful job Ms. Blake!

Chrissy Dionne for

Eden’s Child is a wonderfully told story that will suck the reader in and drop them face-first in the Australian rainforest. I’ve never read a story set in such a location. Ms. Blake’s descriptions of the sights and sounds and locals made this book utterly charming. Maddy’s emotional slide went up and down, but never strayed into the melodramatic. When she cried, I wanted to cry with her. When she was happy, I smiled with her. Nothing about this story was predictable.

Eden’s Child has to be one of the best novels I’ve read in a long, long time. I devoured it in one sitting. Ms. Blake should be very, very proud of this story. I’ll definitely be looking for more of her work!

Ash Arceneax at Rites of Romance Reviews

Eden’s Child is about the agony of not knowing who you are. Both Maddy and Nevis are suspicious of the other. Yet they are also reluctantly attracted as well. There is also a great deal of guilt as the story enfolds and they begin to realize that there is much more going on under the surface than they are aware. I was quite surprised when I read at the end that the author of Eden’s Child was English. The Australian characters and language is so true to life. I was convinced and I’m Australian.

This book is a page turner. You want the answers as much as the heroine does. Read it and you will not be disappointed.

Rating 4.5/5 by Janet for Once upon a Romance

Fortunes Folly book coverFortune’s Folly

Readers Choice Award iconWe are delighted to announce that Magaret Blake is a finalist in the Readers Choice Award category.

“This is a very engrossing tale reminiscent of some of the better old Harlequin romances. Helena was too young to get married and her parent’s death and her subsequent discovery that she was adopted really turned her life upside down. Andreas, busy with his various businesses looked at her as an annoyance and really did not take the time to help her through this, leaving the door wide open for the manipulative Diane … The author also gives us very vivid descriptions of both Malton in England and the island of Cyprus. I really enjoyed this story.”

Reviewed by Maura Frankman at The Romace Studio.

“Margaret Blake is a talented author. She has written a love story with a twist. Helena and Andreas love each other but they both know that they have to let the other go to be able to go on with their life. When they meet again the fire is still there. I enjoyed reading this book. The story is fast moving but you feel the love and betrayal that is in it. Ms. Blake thank you for such a wonderful read and I will be looking for more of your books to read.”

Moonluster for Fallen Angel Reviews. Read full review >

“Margaret Blake demonstrates skill at characterization and this novel will be appealing to readers of contemporary women’s fiction.”

Awarded 4 lips by Frost for Two Lips Reviews.

“Margaret Blake’s FORTUNE’S FOLLY is a beautifully moving story of love maturing and rekindling long after the dust has settled on a divorce that should never have been. Set among the splendor of Cyprus, Margaret Blake’s Fortune’s Folly is a heartwarming story of second chances and a love that cannot be denied. Helena is a wonderfully tortured character. Andreas is an equally compelling character. He is strength and action – blond and blue-eyed and every woman’s dream man come to life. Margaret Blake’s Fortune’s Folly is a wonderful little escape to a tropical island and love revisited that fans romance fans are sure to enjoy.”

Awarded 4 hearts by Tammy at loveromancesand