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A Sprig of Broom

Lady Cecily Hadfield has no alternative but to marry Thomas Cadwallader. However, Cecily is proud and haughty and promises that she will never be a meek and compliant wife to him, for he was part of the carnage that resulted in the death of King Richard. Strong and beautiful, Cecily cannot envisage what fate holds […]

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A Saxon Tapestry book cover

A Saxon Tapestry

Alfled’s tranquil word is abruptly shattered by the Norman invasion. In the wake of the Norman victory her house and lands are handed over to a detestable Norman, Rolf Le Blond, and Alfled finds herself alone and unprotected. Determined to survive she disguises herself as her dead brother Alfred. Convinced the Norman Seigneur will never […]

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A Dangerous Enchantment book cover

Dangerous Enchantment

Kate knows she is dicing with danger. If the Lancastrian Lord who has been granted the house and land of her deceased husband discovers the truth of her stepson’s birth, both their lives will be forfeit. A romantic historical suspense of love’s intrigue set in the turbulent 1480’s. Published by Whiskey Creek Press EBook formats […]

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The Substitute Bride book cover

The Substitute Bride

It is a simple trick—Elizabeth Mary will take the place of her older sister Mary Elizabeth. She will marry the Lord Edward Hinchcliffe, pretending to be Mary. He will never discover the plot … Mary can then do what she promises, enter a Convent. Only, the best laid plans often go astray and Elizabeth Mary […]

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