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I have published books under my own name, as well as under my grandmother’s name Ellen Noone. Where books are still on sale, they are linked to further information. Otherwise, I have simply included a brief overview below. Some of these out-of-print hardbacks can still be found via Amazon or other second-hand book sellers online.

As Margaret Blake

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The Longest Pleasure >
A Sprig of Broom >
A Fatal Flaw >
Dangerous Enchantment >
Shadows of the Past >
A Bitter Betrayel >
Spanish Lies >
A Poisoned Legacy >
The Substitute Wife >
His Other Wife >
Breaking the Clouds >
Beloved Deceiver >
Fortune’s Folly >
A Saxon Tapestry >
Seed of the Broom >

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The Peterloo Weaver

The Peterloo Inheritence

Bitter Legacy

The story of Sarah and her love for Josiah Ayesthorpe, a man who loathes her. Part of the crowds at Peterloo in Manchester in 1819, Sarah can remember nothing of who she is or where she came from, taken in by Adam Ayesthorpe as one of his family, it is many years before Sarah discovers the truth or her origins and who it was that was responsible for the death of her mother.
The proceeding novels follow Sarah’s children, the artistic Adam and the beautiful Maureen. Adam who was always his mother’s favourite cannot forgive his father for her death; his disappointments turn him into a bitter and disillusioned man, while Maureen suffering from a traumatic incident, becomes part of Florence Nightingale’s nurses in the Crimea. And it is here that she finds, at last, true love.

Bartholomew Browne

Set in the early days of the industrial revolution, the story of Bart Browne who brings machines to his small community only to earn the enmity of some local people. There is trouble at home too in the shape of Miranda Courtney, the young woman who comes to live with him and his sister; a lady who finds the north country wild and cold and its people coarse and rude and Bartholomew Browne the most ill mannered man, she had ever encountered!

The Devil’s Prince

The novel tells the story of the early life of Prince John – of his marriage to Isabelle of Gloucester and his love for her servant Nesta. John is charming and mercurial – he is though John Plantagenet, one of the devil’s brood!

As Ellen Noone

Polonaise Enchantment

Charles Fontaine is attracted to Maria Czyzewski, even though he is attempting to buy her father out of his business. He needs the property in order to make his re-development programme go ahead. However, even as he marries her, Charles cannot stop himself from erecting barriers between Maria and himself; and keeping secrets, including his ultimate plans for Maria’s father.


The death of the beautiful Fiona Spargo in a car accident, is the cause of Julie Charlton and David Spargo meeting again after five years. For Julie the meeting is traumatic and evokes past memories that for her are best forgotten.


Yolande Elmett returns home from school to Dragon’s End, when she hears that her Uncle Edward has lost a considerable amount of money. She persuades him to let her stay although, Aunt Melly, his eccentric sister is less amiable and Yolande cannot understand why her aunt dislikes her so much.

However Yolande’s main worry is her feelings for her uncle – he is attractive and good company; the kind of man a girl could easily fall in love with, if he were not her uncle.

Fond Deceiver

Miguel is attracted by the talent of Paul Nelson – a one time concert pianist himself, he easily recognises something special in the boy. However, he is not prepared for the fact that Paul is the son of a woman he had once known and loved.